Do Solar Lights Need Batteries?

Do Solar Lights Need Batteries?

Do solar lights need batteries? This is a question of great interest. If I am not wrong; you are at this site because you are also in the search of the same question.

That’s great!

We have written this article to give you a clear cut idea about the stated query. Though this question is good, you will get a very small number of answers that fully satisfy you. We have tried our best to give you a full-fledged answer covering its do, don’t, how, why, etc.

If I talk about a very short answer regarding the use of batteries for solar lights; my answer would be “YES“.

Yes, solar lights need batteries. At this point, let me say that if you are interested in “WHY“, you should stay here. Otherwise, don’t hesitate in going back. That would be okay because I know everyone is in a hurry in this fast era.

Why do solar lights need batteries?

There is a well-defined mechanism behind this “YES”. You all know that for solar lights there is no need for electricity and the sun is the key source for providing the energy for lightening.

Generally, see solar lights working at night. Are you wondering, how? At night there is no sun while the lights are still working. This is the point where we need a battery.

The solar garden battery is designed to store the sunlight in the form of energy. At night when there is no sun, these solar light batteries provide the power to solar lights and support them lit. This is the reason why we need a battery for the solar lights.

What Type of Batteries for Solar Lights

At this level, I know, you are thinking about which type of batteries works for solar lights? Are they having special criteria? Are they specifically designed for it or can we use regular batteries for solar lights?

Have patience… We are going to answer all these questions one by one. Your confusion would no longer exist in the upcoming minutes. Are you ready? Let us get started.

One very important feature of solar garden lights is that they should be rechargeable. A rechargeable battery leads to charge every time it drains its charging. The following types of solar rechargeable batteries are available in the market.

Our recommendation is always nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) type rechargeable batteries. There are multiple reasons for our choice. The stated type of solar rechargeable batteries has a longer life.

These deliver great performance. Their manufacturing is such that its disposal is very easy and safe for the environment. In other words, these NiMh rechargeable batteries are environment-friendly.

Alkaline batteries: safe or not

Sometimes, solar light owners try to use alkaline batteries for their solar outdoor lights. All this is due to the lack of knowledge about the use of alkaline batteries.

If you are one of these types of people; stop using alkaline batteries for your solar garden light, immediately. These regular types of batteries are not fit for solar lights at any rate. They, in the end, leave your solar lights useless.

They support corrosion between the terminals. I know various ways are available that let you know, how to remove corrosion from the solar light? But, honestly speaking, these methods are not good for your solar light health.

In some cases, the damage to such an extent that your light would not work even when original rechargeable batteries are placed. In short, it leads to permanent damage to the solar lights.

In my opinion always choose the secure way to give your solar garden lights, good power.

When to Replace the Solar Light Battery

Typically, a good rechargeable battery works between 1 and 2 years. I think this is a good lifespan to consider. More the charging cycles, a battery offers, the more life it would have. The rule is simple. This means, try to pick the one with the maximum number of charging cycles.

Generally, a battery uses 1000 charging cycles in its life. So, be ready to buy the next replacement battery before the completion of these 1000 cycles.

My final words

We have tried our best to give you an answer about “do solar lights need batteries?” with its all do, don’t, why, how. Here are our final recommendations for you that can’t be ignored at any rate.

If you are using the solar light replacement battery, make sure that the chosen battery should have the size, capacity, power, and size according to the original rechargeable battery. It will save you from several problems.

My second recommendation is that try to place the solar lights, battery in the direction facing the sunlight directly. This will help the maximum power generation and faster charging, of course.

In the end, don’t forget to tell your views in the comment section. We always respect your views so, don’t hesitate and drop your comment below.

Thank you.


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