Can you use Regular Batteries in Solar Lights?

Can you use Regular Batteries in Solar Lights?

With the development of solar lights technology, we see a wide variety of products; at the same time, a wide variety of questions were asked on the same path. Can you use regular batteries in solar lights? This issue was also raised from the same set of questions. We have a detailed answer to this question for you.

But stop!

I know some people generally in search of a one-word answer; yes or no. We would not let them wait and will give them a one-word answer before we detailed the answer.

So, my answer is “NO”.

But why? It seems interesting. Now we are going to give you a detailed answer to this awesome question about batteries for solar lights.

When our solar light battery stops working, the next step is to find the best rechargeable batteries for solar lights. This is the time when this question hit our mind and we start thinking about the replacement of solar batteries with regular batteries. This seems big confusing. But focus on the following features and all this confusion will find its way to exit. That’s the story behind it.

Can you use Regular Batteries in Solar Lights?

Can you use Regular Batteries in Solar Lights

We have collected the answer to this question after good research. After a one-word answer; you can move forward for a deep answer as you need. Let’s zoom in on this answer.

Rechargeable Batteries are Recommended

Two types of solar light batteries are generally used.

  1. Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries
  2. Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries

The difference in both of these types is the chemical composition. Both of this type is rechargeable that uses sunlight to store energy. Solar lights typically need a storage device where it may store sunlight. This demands a type of solar light batteries that are rechargeable.

Every time it drains the power, rechargeable batteries are here to fill it again. One good point is that these two major types are interchangeable. You can use the Nickel-metal hydride battery in place of the nickel-cadmium battery and vice versa. The choice is yours and the suggestion is ours. Pick the one that your solar light accepts happily.

Alkaline Batteries are not Suitable

Every battery touches a low level of its performance after the specific service time. At this time we need one that can act as a replacement battery. This is the point when most people try to use the ordinary battery in place of rechargeable batteries. But this step is not good.


The solar light batteries are generally rechargeable with NiCd or NiMh chemistry that are specifically designed for this kind. Every time the battery drains itself, it demands to fill it again. Here is our first contradiction.  Alkaline batteries do not give this facility.

These alkaline batteries ( ordinary batteries) do not recharge themselves. If you somehow place these alkaline batteries in solar lights, they deliver power for a week or so, and then, you need to replace them. In most cases, it damages your solar light.

Sometimes, the damage is to the extent that you can never replace it with the rechargeable type that is specifically designed for it. Secondly, the installation is not easy. It results in corrosion for your solar lights. Many ways lead to the clear of corrosion. But it is hazardous and can permanently destroy your solar lights.

In short, bypass these risks by using rechargeable batteries and avoid the use of alkaline batteries that bring one or more losses with it.

As we are recommending rechargeable solar batteries, let us discuss they are fine features one by one.

Ni-Mh vs Ni-Cd Batteries

These are the two types of batteries that fit your solar light best. These are specifically destroyed for this product. In the above section, we have discussed that solar light batteries should be rechargeable, so no need to buy them again and again and that fulfills the requirements of solar lights easily.

Here is our first supportive point. NiCd and NiMh batteries are rechargeable and happily fulfill the demand for solar lights. You may go for the type of what you want.

Here we encounter another question. Which one is best? NiMH or NiCd.

It seems crazy that people are in search of the best even from both of the two. But we have an answer to this. When your demand is best from these two, go straight for the NiMh rechargeable battery type.

This is superior to a NiCd rechargeable battery. You wonder why? These NiMH rechargeable batteries have a longer life and their chemistry is such that they give zero harm to the environment. This is due to the presence of zero dangerous metals available in its construction.

Both these batteries are available in multiple capacities and sizes. You can choose the one that fits your product best. Both these types are interchangeable. These can be replaced with another one according to your demand.

Rechargeable vs Non-rechargeable battery

Rechargeable batteries are always a good choice to consider. Alkaline batteries are generally non-rechargeable. Moreover, they harm solar lights. Although, there are several best alkaline batteries in the market that perform well. But these types are not fit for solar lights.

They can provide the power to the solar lights for a short period and then end up with damage to your solar lights, corrosion around its terminals, or the permanent destruction of your battery that is unable to recover. Permanently destruction means the lights are unable to perform even when the original rechargeable battery is placed.

Frequently asked questions

In addition to the stated question discussed above, there are multiple kinds of other questions in the way. Let us discuss a few of them.

1- Can I use NiMh rechargeable batteries in place of NiCd rechargeable batteries?

Yes, you can use the NiMh rechargeable batteries in place of the NiCd type. These are considered the best rechargeable batteries for solar lights. But make sure the size, power, and capacity should be the same as the original rechargeable battery.

2- How long do rechargeable batteries last in solar lights?

A typical solar light battery lasts for 1 to 2 years. But at the same time, it depends upon the quality of the battery. If you want a longer span of life, then charge your battery after three months. This will positively support your battery.

3- What should be the size, capacity, voltage, and power of the replacement battery?

The size, capacity, voltage, and power of the replacement battery should be quite the same as the original piece of solar battery.

Final Verdict

You have learned a detailed answer to the question “can you use regular batteries in solar lights?” But at this point, we would like to drop our final words for your sake.

Always make sure to use the solar light batteries that are specifically made for it. After reading the above article you have found that Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) or Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) rechargeable batteries are suitable for solar lights.

The choice of one of these two is not the whole thing. You have to choose the solar light rechargeable battery that has excellent capacity and power and at the same time, it must suit your solar lights as well.

Secondly, you should not neglect the size that your original battery owns. By following this point you will surely end up with the best rechargeable solar batteries of the year.

Some people seem to use alkaline batteries. These batteries work no longer and leave harmful effects at the end.


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