Price of Car Batteries at AutoZone

Price of Car Batteries at AutoZone

A battery is the key part of a car. But unfortunately, it demands to be replaced after a couple of years or so. This is the reason we try to seek a battery with the best price.

When we talk about the ”best car batteries”, AutoZone is the name of the choice. The high demand for good batteries makes buyers search what is the price of car batteries at AutoZone? Or how much are car batteries at AutoZone?

But don’t worry!

We have written this post after a good search to find the car battery cost at Autozone. Car battery price is not only the question of your interest but of multiple peoples around the world.

Price of car batteries at AutoZone

We have collected the following AutoZone batteries that range from cheap car batteries to costly batteries. Pick the best AutoZone battery and let your car move happily.

1- Odyssey 31-PC2150T Battery

Odyssey Battery 31-PC2150T Automotive Battery
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Odyssey 31 is one of the best high-end products. One good point about this battery is that it gives you a warranty time of four years. This expensive battery costs $399.99. If your budget allows you, it would be better to go for t course of his battery.

This is one of the expensive batteries that AutoZone is offering you. If we talk about its technology, Odyssey 31 is an AGM type with pure lead. In addition to reliability and life, multiple lead plates enlarge their surface area that boosts their power.

2- Odyssey 34-78PC1500DT Battery

Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT Automotive and LTV Battery
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You all know about the Odyssey, which is famous for its good power and performance. Of course, Odyssey 34- a product of Odyssey, also provides these features.

AutoZone is proving this battery at the cost of $295.99. This is a big price, but let me tell you that it has a warranty for 4-years. That is a big wow. If your budget is enough to afford this cell, you should get this.

Plus, it offers a reserve capacity of 135 minutes and cold cranking ampere of 850. These are good values to consider.

3- Duralast (24F-AGM) Platinum Battery

Duralast (24F-AGM) Platinum Battery
Price at Autozone

After Odyssey the other brand we found at AutoZone is Duralast; that is also the name of the trust. With the size of 24F, this product provides you a warranty of 3-years.

For $195 you can purchase this amazing battery that offers you cranking ampere (CA) of 885 and cold cranking ampere (CCA) of 710. Which seems amazing. Plus, it has a 120 reserve capacity (RC).

If you want to buy a battery with easy installation then this battery is for you.

4-  Duralast (H8-DLG) Gold Battery

Duralast Gold Battery H8-DLG
Price at Autozone

Another product in this list also belongs to Duralast. This gold battery has a size of 24, which is a good one. AutoZone gives you this battery at a price of $159.99.

With the 900 CCA and 1000 CA, it is the best battery with a warranty of 3-years, plus it offers RC about 150 minutes. You will be happy to know that buying it via AutoZone gives you zero cost replacement for 3-years.

5- Duralast (H6-DL) Battery

Duralast Battery H6-DL
Price at Autozone

The next battery to discuss in our list also Duralast with the size of 48. This is the conventional product that costs $139.99 at AutoZone.

With the 2-years of zero cost replacement, it offers 115 RC minutes, 615 CCA, and 850 CA.

6- Duralast Size 31 Battery

Duralast Battery 31-950
Price at Autozone

The Duralast battery of size 31 is a cost $130 from AutoZone. This powerful cell gives 1185 cranking amps and 950 cold-cranking amps. Plus, it provides a reserve capacity of 195 minutes.

Let us tell you that its warranty is only 12 months. You may get this powerful product if other features suit your car.

7- Econocraft 26R-E Battery

Econocraft Battery 26R
Price at Autozone

If you are looking for cheap batteries, Econocraft is the suggested name. Not much costly this product gives you only 3 months warranty.

You have to pay only $69.99 to own this cell. This cheap battery gives 635 cranking amps and 510 cold-cranking amps. If CA is your main concern and your budget is short, Econocraft 26R-E Battery is the best choice for you.

Buyer’s Guide

The list of batteries mentioned above is not the only option left in your car. Every vehicle has its own profile that demands a specific battery. So, it’s very important to consider those factors in addition to car battery prices, before taking the final decision.

What are these factors? We will discuss it for sure to support you until your final decision. So, it’s time to move toward those features.

Considerations: Before purchasing auto batteries

1- Best Warranty

You know that a battery is not only an important but also an expensive component of a car. And you would not want to buy it again and again for sure. So, you expect to get the battery that could serve your car well without any complaint. Yes, it’s your right to expect that service from the car battery you are intending to buy.

Don’t forget to check the warranty. If offering warranty time is 3 years or more, it would be good to buy that battery. 3 years warranty means you have a larger time to judge its performance.

Plus, you may search for other brands if you want a car battery with a higher warranty. It will simply give you a good time frame to change the battery with the most suitable products.

2- Strong reserve capacity

I always say that give your car a good battery and let your car serve you well. As reserve capacity is the key feature of a battery, there is a need to keep an eye on it. Generally speaking, good reserve capacity always keeps your car running.

Make sure to pick a battery that has the best reserve capacity among the whole range available. 80-minute reserve capacity typically considered good.  It will help you to bypass the irritation that a battery with a lower reserve capacity may cause.

3- Cranking Ampere (Cold/General)

Like reserve capacity, cranking ampere is also a critical feature to consider. It provides the initial surge to start up the battery. If you live in a harsh environment, then put the focus on the cranking ampere of the battery in question.

For example, you live in a cold environment, then the choice of your battery should be one having a high cold cranking ampere. Every battery designed specifically according to the different climate. So, you should be clear about the climate in which you are aiming to drive the car.

A good cranking ampere gives positive input to start a battery. 600 CCA / 800 CA is a good value to consider while living in a harsh environment.

4- Longer life span

A typical car uses multiple batteries in its whole life. This is because a car has a longer life than a battery. We can’t use a single battery for the whole life of a car, but a battery with a long span of life can be used.

Check the life span of the battery and invest in the product that has the longest life among all products available. Don’t try to invest a huge income on the battery with a shorter life. If you don’t consider battery life, it will surely lead you to buy a new one after a couple of months.

5- Portable battery

A very typical feature, that buyers ignore, is the weight of the battery. You don’t know when you have to move it. If you do it all yourself, then you should pick a battery that is portable.

What does portable means in terms of battery?

This means the battery should be lightweight. It would easily move from place to place all by yourself alone, at any time. If the battery has the carrying handles, then it would be an additional good feature.

In short, try to pick the car battery that is easy to carry in addition to other features discussed above.

6- The best performance

Time has changed now. That time has gone when people aimed to use the battery only for the running of a car. This is the technical era. Now people listen to music, watch videos, use the camera, and charge their smartphones while driving the car. All these activities require current that are, of course, supplied by the battery.

So for unlimited fun and to avoid drain out the battery in a shorter time, it is necessary to pick the battery with the greatest power.

Never compromise on the battery performance. You don’t know when you have to travel at a far distance. Pick the best performing battery and not let your car battery shut down in the middle of your way.

7- Maintenance-free battery

A car battery can lose water when charging. Lose of water may occur when the climate is hot. This evaporative loss may cause the battery to shutdown at a place with zero water available. This may cause you to worry.

In this case, Autozone suggests your AGM battery which forms water itself through the catalyst available in the form of platinum. To save you from worry, we also suggest you sealed AGM battery. This sealed profile is a clear indication that you don’t have a need to maintain it or fill water yourself. Just install a good maintenance-free battery and enjoy its service.

8- Road surface

On with type of road are you aim to drive your car? Would it be a rough surface or a smooth one? These are the queries with a big question mark. You should have answers to these questions before finalizing your choice.

Like climate-based batteries, brands generally design the batteries specifically for rough road surfaces. These types of batteries have vibration and resistance tolerance. Pick the battery that fits your queries well.

9- Bring the old battery

Let me know that the car battery contains a material that is dangerous for both humans and the environment. That is why the proper disposal of such products is necessary.

The companies own the proper disposal system. Always bring the old battery with you while getting a new one.

In some countries, the government imposes charges while forget to bring the old battery. If you do not want to lose money, try to become a responsible citizen and save the environment by giving old batteries to the AutoZone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a car battery?

The type of battery greatly affects the cost. According to the rough estimate, typical car batteries range between $50-$120. While the premium car batteries range between $90-a$200.

How long do AutoZone batteries last?

The average life span of a battery is 3 to 5 years. But it also depends upon the cost of the battery. You may test your old car battery from the AutoZone store near to you at zero cost.

Does AutoZone replace batteries for free?

Yes, AutoZone installs battery free of charge. But it’s good to give them some tips.

Does AutoZone give you money for old batteries?

AutoZone gives you a merchandise card of $10 in addition to recycling the old battery.

Will AutoZone change your battery?

AutoZone provides a free battery change service if other parts are not required to remove. In another case, it does not provide this service.

Final Verdict

Finding the automotive battery is very difficult in this era of great competition. The presence of multiple brands has made this search a difficult task. We have tried our best to make a list of good batteries. So you face zero difficulties in finalizing your choice.

The above list based on the price from costly to cheaper batteries available at AutoZone. Please do consider your climate and the road surface texture before your final pick.

Secondly, you should be clear about the other features of your interest like CCA, CA, RC, your budget, and others. Consult the section ”considerations before purchasing auto batteries” discussed above.

If you search the price of car batteries at Autozone and this article helpful to you? Which product you were selected for you? Give your opinion in the comment box below. Thanks


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