How to Charge a Dead Car Battery – 7 Methods

How to Charge a Dead Car Battery – 7 Methods

A battery is the key component of a car. This importance of the car’s battery has opened multiple ways for the questions regarding their batteries. Recharging a dead car battery is also a question of great interest. This is the same query that we are going to explain now, that is how to charge a dead car battery?

But, you need to stop at this point.

Look! Before the explanation about charging a dead battery, first, have an answer about “can you charge a dead car battery at home?”

I think you agree with my suggestion.

If I am correct, then let your know that recharge a dead car battery is possible in some cases when the battery has zero circuit failures or dead cells/sulfation. If the circuit is not failed there are chances to make your car battery running again. But you need to know the exact way to charge a completely dead car battery.

Now its time to move towards our main question about the car battery charging.

How to charge a dead car battery at home?

Charging a dead car battery is the point of our interest. Many ways to charge a car battery are available online, but we will discuss the best ways to charge a completely dead car battery.

Revive a dead car battery has attracted the attention of everyone who uses a car in one’s daily routine. In viewing this, we have ended up with the topmost successful methods for your sake. Let us discuss these methods one by one.

Using a Car Battery Charger

Charging a dead car battery with home electricity using a charger is very a messy type of procedure. Sometimes, a battery becomes too dead to that it needs to be charged by the charger. This is the way when jump start does not work.

Before all this, you should know the timing required to charge the battery. Let us say that it depends upon the power of the battery and the charger. Higher the amp, the lesser the timing to charge the battery.

Some batteries have smaller CCA and the get charged in the 8-hours. You can double this timing for a battery with a higher CCA. If your charger is stronger; it would take a lesser time to be charged.

Honestly speaking, this is somewhat time-consuming. So follow this procedure when it could have enough time to be charged completely, preferably overnight.

How to charge a dead car battery at home with a charger?

  1. You have got the basic background about the charging of a car battery with a charger. Now, it’s time to follow the practical instructions.
  2. Carefully remove the charger and battery from the car.
  3. Find a power supply away from the people in open space.
  4. Attach the clamp first to the positive (red) and then to the negative (black) terminal to the battery.
  5. Set the required amps followed by the turning on the charger.
  6. Let it charge until full.
  7. After completion, switch the power off and remove the red cable followed by the removal of the black one.
  8. Put the battery in the car again and have a demo by turning on the car. If your battery is working it means all done.

Your car battery not charging with the charger? No need to worry. We have some more ways to charge a dead battery.

Using a Home Inverter

You will be happy with the news that a home inverter can be used to charge a dead car battery. This strategy may seem amazing, but it is true. If your car battery is not charging with a charger, then you may go for this amazing alternative method.

But, stop!

First, follow the instruction and then go for practice to avoid any unbearable mess.

  1. Check the voltage of the battery in question and inverter output terminal. Most batteries require 12-13 volts to charge. It’s good if the inverter shows the same voltage with a higher current. Your battery would charge at a higher speed.
  2. Turn the inverter and power supply off.
  3. Attach the cables at their respective terminals and turn on the power supply.
  4. Let the battery to be charged.

Note: Don’t overcharge the battery. Avoid using extension cables. Try to place the battery near the inverter. Make sure indicator lights are on.

Charging battery with another car

If you do not have an inverter at your home, you may go for other alternative methods for charging a dead car battery. One of these other methods is charging the battery with another car.

Yeah! it’s possible.

All you need is the jumper cables and a running car. Charging battery with another car is a good option to go. This method is very easy and you don’t need to afraid to follow it.

How to charge a car battery with another car?

To drive your car again, you must have a pair of jumper cables. Follow the instructions below and let your car in the running position again.

  1. Park the donor car near the car with a dead battery. Try to pick the open place to bypass any kind of a mess.
  2. Left the hood up of both the cars.
  3. Remove the dust and corrosion from the terminals of the battery, if any.
  4. Bring the jumper cables and fix the negative (black) clamp of the dead car with it.
  5. Follow the same for the red clamp of the dead car.
  6. Now its turn to attach the cables of the donor car with the jumper cables. Attach the black cable, first, followed by the attachment of red cable with the jumper cable.
  7. Start the donor vehicle for around 60 seconds.
  8. Now start the car with a dead battery. You will be glad, it is running. Continue it running for more than 15- minutes.

In case your dead car is not working still. It simply means your car battery is too dead to charge or the donor battery has not enough power to deliver it to another battery.

Remove the cables first from the working car and then go for the dead car. It is better to change the car battery at this point.

Charging battery with jump starter

Charging a battery with jump starter is one of the very amazing methods to charge a dead battery that is secure for sure. If you are getting late for a meeting or office, it’s your battery that deceives you at this critical time. There is a possibility that you cannot follow the procedures discussed above.

What would you do at this point?

Is it not better to be prepared for such a type of emergency. To deal with such situations, our recommendation to have a jump box in your car always. It is always good to be prepared before.

What is a jump starter?

It is a separate battery also called jump box. You may call it “power bank”. In this age of technology, people use multiple electronic devices. They need to charge cell phones, laptops, or other electronic devices. Hence, need an additional source of power. Jump starter performs this function very well.

This battery is portable and filled with the power to give an emergency kick to start your battery. So, make sure to have a piece of this. This battery comes with its USB cables and generally owns the voltage of 12.

One good point to know it has an air compressor to fill the tire if it loses its air.

How to Use a Portable Jump Starter?

These are some basic guidelines to use the portable jump starter. Follow these instructions step by step and all will be set.

  1. Make sure the jump starter should be fully charged.
  2. Choose the place that is open and away from people.
  3. Collect all the protective types of equipment, jumper cables, car battery, and portable jump starter.
  4. Put on safety clothes and turn the car off.
  5. The voltage of the battery in question and the jump starter should be matched.
  6. Remove the dust and corrosion from the battery terminals.
  7. First, connect positive (red) cable and then connect the negative (black) terminal to the jump starter.
  8. Start the engine and switch the jump starter on.
  9. Start the car engine for up to 4-5 minutes. If the car does not start you may go for 4 more attempts with the gap of 2-3 minutes after each attempt.
  • If the car gets started, disconnect the cables. First, remove the black jump box cable followed by the red one.
  • In case the car does not start even after 5 attempts, you simply need to find the brand-new car battery for a continuous journey.

Note: Cables should be correctly attached. Both red and black cables should not touch each other. The battery and the jump starter should be turned off while fixing the cables.

Charging a car battery by driving

In case, you lack the infrastructure, discussed above, like charger, another car, jumper cables, or jump starter, you can start the car via a manual method that is pushing the car. All you need to have one or more persons to push your car to give your engine a kick start.

Sometimes you do not need any second or third person because your car battery has enough power to get an initial push. In this situation, you alone can handle the situation with perfection at its finest.

Once your engine gets a start continue driving for a minimum of half an hour. This is the ideal time to give your car a positive boost.

Higher the battery is dead; more time it should drive. If you want fast charging, avoid the use of lights, radio, or other electronic devices. Continue driving for almost 30-minutes at 1,000 RPM. These parameters are ideal for charging purposes.

Battery charger through trickle charger

A trickle charger is a specific type of car battery charger that fills the battery slowly. It can be left overnight to charge a battery. Its inner profile is such that allows slow charging while avoiding overcharging.

Its charging rate is equal to the natural self-discharging rate. Hence, avoiding the destruction of the car battery.

  1. Get the safety equipment and wear.
  2. Place the whole setup in the open and well surface place.
  3. Fix the red or positive cable to the battery and then attach negative or black cables to the battery.
  4. Confirm the correct attachment of the whole setup and turn your charger on.
  5. Congratulation! Your battery is now charging. It is not getting charged, try the above steps after a couple of minutes.

Battery charger through a cigarette lighter

Yes, the socket of the cigarette lighter can be used to charge a car battery. But, this requires the specific settings to the “accessories”. Here is a limit to charge the battery at a slow rate.

Actually, the electrical circuit of the cars has power outlets. These power outlets can be used to charge a car battery.

It seems amazing. Yes, it is a good initiative powered by various automotive brands. The batteries that can be charged by the cigarette lighter are solar-powered batteries.

Follow these instructions to change your car battery through cigarette lighter outlets.

  1. On the dashboard of your car, place the solar battery charger facing the shiny surface above.
  2. Place the charger switch in the outlet.
  3. It will take up to 6-hours to be charged. Let it so and then unplug the charger switch from the outlet.

Positive and negative battery cable

Most car users do not know which side of the battery is positive and negative. The answer to this question should be known for every car owner. If you have a good knowledge of the battery; you can skip this part. In another case, kindly do not hesitate to continue reading.

You generally see the signs of “N” or “P”. N shows the negative terminal and P shows the positive terminal. These signs may be written as “Neg” or “Pos”. Or it may have the standard signs of (+) and (-) on the battery.

On the other hand, some batteries might not have any sign on them. At this point how could we distinguish which side of the battery is positive and negative? Here is the simple answer. The red wire always shows the positive cable and the black side is always a negative cable.

When both wires are the same color which is positive?

At this point, observe the size of the terminal. Remember that the positive terminal seems a little bit larger than the negative terminal. If you still have confusion you can use the voltmeter to identify the terminals.

How to connect the positive and negative wires?

The answer is very simple. Always connect the positive terminal red) first, followed by the attachment of the negative terminal (black). Do not let both cables to come in contact with each other. This contact may lead to the spark or short circuit.

When there is a need to disconnect the cables, always remove the black cable (negative) first and then remove the red (positive) cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- how long to charge a dead car battery?

Batteries with different capacities take different time to get fully charged. A typical dead battery with 4 to 8 amperes needs a minimum of 10 hours and a maximum of 1 day to be charged.

2- Can a car battery is too dead to charge?

Yes, of course, a car battery can be dead to the extent that it can’t jump start. This is typically due to the loss of the standard voltage that is 12V. Or battery may encounter repeated discharge due to leak, corrosion, or other physical damage.

3- Can a trickle charger charge a dead car battery?

Yes, a trickle charger can charge a dead car battery. It is usually preferred over the jump starter. Charging offered by a trickle charger is relatively sustainable that has its operating current of 2 amp.

4- How to charge a dead car battery without a charger?

To use the car battery out of the car, generally, for other applications, we need an alternative way to charge the battery without a car charger. Here are the quick steps to follow that are secure to use, of course.

  • Collect the safety equipment including the eyewear and safety light bulbs.
  • Select the power supply that ensures the slow charging of the battery. This power supply may be another battery.
  • Keep an eye on the output power. Using a wire probe, check the current and voltage of that battery. It will give you a clear idea about the charging duration.
  • Maintain a good distance between the battery in question and the power supply. Place the holiday lights between these two keep a check on the flowing current.
  • Be ready to join the clips. Always connect the negative terminal to the power supply first. Do the same for the other negative terminal to the car battery. Complete the circuit by joining the positive terminal.
  • Have a final look on setup and let it charge for about 30 minutes. Make sure to remove the negative clip followed by the removal of a positive one.

5- Can a dead car battery charge itself?

According to my opinion, a dead car battery can not charge itself. It doesn’t have this technology yet. It needs a continuous source of power supply to get completely charged.

6- How long should I charge a dead car battery?

For charging a dead battery, you need a whole day (24 hours) to fully charge it. If you are going for a jump start, driving about 5 minutes is enough for a dead battery.

7- How to jump a car battery without another car?

A dead battery is the issue of everyone who owns a car. Your car battery is dead? No worries! Here we have two methods to try to jump-start your car without another car.

  • Please note that always try to have a jump box for emergency situations. It is, actually, a small battery that is used to charge other electronics in the car. It has its cables and the manual instruction to attach it with the battery. Its power would be enough to jump-start your car.
  • The other method is called a push method. You need a second person to push your car until your car gets enough power. But this method is not feasible for the automatic transmission cars because it could fail the brakes.

8- Where can I charge my car battery for free?

Battery tests and charging the battery, available at every AutoZone in the United States. Duralast ® quick charger can charge most automotive batteries in about 30 minutes.


Recharging dead car battery is the question of almost every car owner. But let me tell you that your battery needs as much attention as your vehicle.

Charging a dead battery at home is not a very big deal. But, you should know the best ways and exact method for a dead car battery charging. Above we have discussed the ways to charge a dead car battery and make a dead battery work again.

Plus, we have added some deader car battery tricks. You can follow one or more tricks that can turn your dead battery into a working position.

Every method is not suitable for every type of vehicle. You should know the type of battery your car owns.

Be prepared for emergency situations and keep a jumper cable and jumper box to yourself while driving.

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Is this article helpful to you? Do you want a review of a specific kind of battery? Let us know your opinion in the comments. We will be glad to serve you well. Your opinion always means a lot to us. So, don’t hesitate and comment below.

Thanks in advance.


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