Does AutoZone install batteries for free?

Does AutoZone install batteries for free?

Does AutoZone Install Batteries?

You have found this article because you are in search of some very typical questions, does AutoZone install batteries for free? Does Autozone replace batteries? Will Autozone change my battery? Let me tell you when it’s about battery installation, no one except Autozone is here for you.

To make sure if your battery really needs to be replaced, they offer free testing and charging facilities. If your battery really needs to be replaced, in addition to free battery installation, they also help you find the one that is best both for your vehicle and your driving habits.

Whether the requirement is power for extreme performances or the energy for various electronics and accessories or even rugged dependability in extreme temperatures, they will take care of it. And ”yes”, they install batteries for free as well, but there are certain conditions that should be met.

Conditions for AutoZone to Install Batteries for Free

The following are the conditions that must be met for AutoZone to install your battery for free:

  • The battery you want to get installed in your car should be bought from AutoZone. They offer free battery installations only with the batteries that are brought from them. Plus, they do not offer installation services for car batteries purchased from other retailers.
  • Installation of the battery should not require the removal of other car components. In cases the installation of the battery requires any other component of the car to be removed, AutoZone may not install the battery, even if it is bought from them.
  • The battery should not be located in an unusual spot. If the battery is located in unusual spots such as under the seat or in the wheel well, you may have to get it installed somewhere else, even if the battery is bought from AutoZone.

Things to know before Buying a New Battery from AutoZone

AutoZone provides a free battery installation service for every new battery you purchase from them. This is something you won’t find from many automotive part retailers offering their customers.

But before you buy a new battery, you can take advantage of the free testing and charging facilities of AutoZone. You can ask them to help you test your battery to make sure if your battery actually needs to be replaced. It won’t cost you a single penny and you won’t lose anything if the battery is found to be dead. All you will need to move on is a replacement.

However, if your battery is found to be just out of charge during the testing, they will help you charge it and you can wait for a while before getting a new one. And if during the testing it is found that the battery really needs to be replaced, AutoZone has a wide range of batteries available to choose from. Irrespective of the driving habits of the car owner and the requirements of the vehicle, they have a little something for everyone.

AutoZone Battery Prices

AutoZone not only has a massive collection of batteries but also has batteries of different price ranges. The prices of the batteries are dependent on the year and model of your car as well as the type of battery. You can expect a standard AutoZone car battery to cost somewhere between $50 to $120.

However, if you are looking for a premium type of battery, they cost higher. The prices of premium AutoZone batteries range between $90 and $200. Though the prices are high, these premium batteries tend to last longer than the normal ones and also offer you higher warranties.

Another good thing about AutoZone is its customer-friendly workers. When you are sure that your battery is dead and need to be replaced, you can go to your nearest AutoZone office and ask the workers for a quote on the battery prices. They would explain to you all the available options, give you recommendations, and take all the time that is needed to help you find the battery that suits your vehicle and your driving habits the best.

Moreover, AutoZone also provides a $10 AutoZone merchandise card for recycling the old car batteries. So if you have any of your old car batteries lying around, all you need to do is take it to them for recycling.

AutoZone Warranties

AutoZone offers a warranty for all their line of products including car batteries. However, the duration of the warranties can vary from product to product.

If your car battery stops working or malfunctions during the warranty period, you can simply return it to AutoZone and get it replaced or claim a refund. However, the company will not grant you a replacement or refund if the battery is damaged due to abuse, misuse, or improper installation.

Product Returns

If you wish to return your AutoZone battery for any reason other than malfunctioning or zero workings, you can do so at any AutoZone store near you.

Moreover, your warranty issues will be taken care of even if you have lost or misplaced your receipt. AutoZone stores have their own database to store all the warranty records, which makes it easier to trace your warranty details in any of their stores. All you need to provide them with is the name you have on the receipt and the phone number.

Free services offered by AutoZone

AutoZone has an extended line of products for different automobiles, such as light trucks, cars, vans, or sports vehicles. It includes both new as well as used vehicle accessories, automotive hardware, maintenance products, and non-automotive products. But besides its vast product line, AutoZone is also known for the free services that it offers the customers.

The following are the free services offered by AutoZone:

  • Car testing services are provided at all AutoZone stores, which includes an alternator, battery, and voltage regulator testing. Some stores also offer throttle position sensor and car control module testings as well.
  • Battery charging services provided by AutoZone are done using Duralast Fast Chargers which help to charge batteries quickly. AutoZone also offers overnight battery charging services for free, which is basically for motorcycle and marine batteries.
  • Understanding the effect of climate change, AutoZone also provides a safe way to dispose of the battery and used oils of vehicles.

The battery services of AutoZone are very good and trusted by most customers. We are sure you would like them, too.


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