How to Change a Car Battery without losing Settings

How to Change a Car Battery without losing Settings

It is a fact that a Car battery has to die. But a harsh fact is that the Car battery dies at the most unsuitable event. If it is raining heavily and you are on a way to home from work, it has a 100% likelihood that your car battery is dead. Actually, a battery does not entertain you forever, even if you take care of them properly.

How to Change a Car Battery without losing settings

When to replace a car battery?

  • your car requires a jump-start
  •  its headlights are dimmer
  • your car battery is three years old

Don’t worry! These are some basic signs that your car is demanding a new battery. But the question is how to change a car battery without losing settings? 

We are going to share a secret with you that car battery replacement is a simple method that you can manage at home with some basic tools. You just need to follow the same basic steps that we are sharing with you.

a) Remove the old battery 

Turn your car off

To replace the car battery, first of all, place your vehicle at a safe and flat place such as the garage. Prefer the place away from fire and water. Turn your vehicle off and make sure that the key is removed from the ignition to provide zero power to the battery.

Turn your car off

Protect yourself 

The car battery has electrolyte containing sulfuric acid that may burn the skin and cause corrosion. Moreover, hydrogen gas production is flammable. What you need to do is put on safety goggles and gloves and open your hood. At this point avoid the use of any jewelry or watch. After putting on safety gear you are ready to changing a car battery.


Find the battery 

Now locate the car battery at one corner of the engine bay. The car battery might present at one of the sides of the bumper or rear the windshield. Note that two cables would be attached. A brand new car might have a car battery wrapped in the plastic cover so, find it there.

Find the battery

Disconnect the cables

Disconnect the cables but always make sure to disconnect the negative cable first. This is so to bypass the electric shock. With the black appearance, the negative cable imprint (-) on it. If covered with a plastic sheet, remove it first and lose the cable with the help of a wrench. Finally, separate the cable from the terminal. according to your type, use 7 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm or 13 mm wrench to remove the cable.


Make sure that negative cable should not touch with the metal. To discourage this chance, a good idea is to tie the cable with the engine bay.

Disconnect cables battery

Now, its turn to remove the positive cable. Usually red in color, positive cable imprints (+) on it. Separate the plastic cover, if present, and remove the cable off from the terminal with the help of a wrench. Tie the cable with the engine bay with help of a clamp.

Be careful! the positive and negative cable should not touch each other or with anything made of metal. Because it may cause rapid shock and leads to destruction.

Remove the battery from the car

Examine carefully that either the car battery is secure by bracket. Remove all fasteners that usually keep the battery in place. You may need specific tools like extension bar, socket, and socket wrench. Once you have disconnected all connectors, pull the battery out and place it at the concrete surface (if possible).

The automotive battery contains corrosive material so, don’t throw it off by yourself, instead, take it to an automotive parts store or to the recycling center for proper disposal.

Remove the battery from the car

b) Installing a new car battery 

Clean car battery terminals

To remove corrosion from a battery, that may be white, gray, blue or green, use sandpaper or emery cloth. Carefully clean battery terminals until they look shiny. Avoid direct contact with the skin because the acid of the car battery is very corrosive.

Clean car battery terminals

Get the best replacement battery 

Take a piece of paper and jot down all the information about your car battery. You may take the picture of all data including the dimension, size, and part number of the old battery. Go to the battery shop or automotive parts store and give information according to your vehicles, such as model number, engine size, and the year. Definitely they will guide you in finding the best replacement battery.

Get the best replacement battery

 Place the battery in the bracket and lubricate the terminals

Put the battery in the battery tray and secure it with connectors or brackets. Reverse the whole steps you used to remove the battery and lubricate the terminals with lithium lubricants to bypass the corrosion. Always double-check that battery is perfectly secure in bracket hence, it can not vibrate while driving.

Don’t spray the lubricant to the terminals or other parts of the vehicle.

 Place the battery in the bracket and lubricate the terminals

Reconnect the cables 

Connect the positive terminal first to the engine bay, be sure not to touch the metal across its ends. Tight the cable to its respective terminal with the help of a wrench. Repeat the same steps to connect the negative terminal.

[su_service title=”Warning ” icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#ff0303″ size=”58″]While reconnecting the battery always connect and secure positive terminal before negative terminal to avoid any destruction.[/su_service]

Reconnect cables Battery

Close hood and start the vehicle 

Double-check that you have removed all tools followed by the close of the hood. Now, start your vehicle and it would serve you well if the battery was causing the actual problem.


Frequently asked questions 

When to change my car battery?

These are the markers that alarm you that the car battery is dying:

  1. The engine is difficult to start.
  2. Dim headlights and electrical problems.
  3. A worse smell.
  4. Connectors are corroded.
  5.  The battery case is out of shape.
  6.  The battery is three years old.

where to change the battery for a car?

Change a car battery at calm, shady and dry places. Avoid changing the car battery at the side of the road. Your porch is the best place to change a car battery.


These are some basic steps on “how to change a car battery” that we have shared with you. Is this content helpful to you? Let us know your views in the comments. Thank you.



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