Best Replacement Battery for iPhone 6s in 2023

Best Replacement Battery for iPhone 6s in 2023

It is a fact that we use Apple products due to their durability and long span of life. iPhone 6s are one of the same lists of products. But we note that iPhone batteries have a shorter life that makes you find the best replacement battery for your iPhone 6s. It’s not a big deal and quite normal for every brand.

Of course, as a solution, Apple gives the service of replacement batteries also. Now, the question is “what is the best replacement battery for iPhone 6s?”

Below we have listed the best iPhone 6s batteries of the year 2022 on Amazon. You may pick one or two from our battery collection.

Best Replacement Battery for iPhone 6s

Benefits of Battery Cases for iPhon 6s:

  • Charge Your Phone Wirelessly, which can let you charge your phone on the go.
  • increase Your Battery Life.
  • Allows you to charge both the battery box and the battery on your smartphone.
  • Protect Your iPhone: Battery Case offer the most protection for your phone.

What to consider while picking best iPhone 6 replacement battery

To choose the best iPhone 6s replacement battery you always have to focus on some main features. This, for sure, will endure you with satisfaction in the upcoming years. Let’s have a quick review of these points.


To get iPhone 6s battery replacement, one of the very important points to consider is the compatibility of your iPhone version with the battery in question.

Never ignore this feature and double-check to confirm the compatibility by a thorough reading of the description given with the battery. If it’s compatible, you may go for other features.

Rating of power

The next feature to consider is the power rating. Always choose the battery that delivers the power of 2000 mAh or higher. 2000 mAh tells that battery in question will provide 2000 milliamperes of power within an hour. Or in other words, it is the demotion of the power capacity of a replacement battery.

Tolerance to overcharging

Always remember that a good battery gives the feature of overcharging tolerance. Don’t ignore this feature while picking the best battery for iPhone 6s. It’s microchip functions for the regulation and the adjustment of overcurrent in case of overcharging.

Best Replacement Battery for iPhone 6s in 2022

Pick the best iPhone 6s replacement battery brand is a very time-consuming task in the presence of multiple brands. But don’t panic we are here to help you out to find the most suitable piece of a brand for your iPhone 6s battery.

Just cheer up and look at the list below and get the best one. Let’s check it out.

SHENMZ Battery Replacement for iPhone 6s

SHENMZ Battery for iPhone 6S Plus, 2023 New Upgraded Replacement Battery for Apple 6S Plus (A1634, A1687, A1699) with Professional Repair Tool Kits

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SHENMZ battery is a long-life battery with good quality. It is designed to work with a minimum charging cycle of 500. If you are a busy person then this 6s replacement battery is for you. Because it’s internal chip profile saves your battery from overcharging or overheating.

Note a point here that this battery would serve for the model A1633, A1688, A1700.

We are telling you earlier that it would not work for the remaining iPhone models. In addition to a 2-years warranty, this battery would give your iPhone 35% more power than the original piece.

While using this battery, the original charger of the iPhone is strongly recommended. Plus you will able to enjoy its longevity after 3-5 full charge-discharge cycles.

One more good point is that you don’t need to buy a separate tool kit for repair purposes. SHENMZ iPhone replacement battery gives these products in addition to adhesive strips.

Yontex iPhone 6s Battery

YONTEX 2650mAh Battery Replacement Compatible with iPhone 6S, Ultra High Capacity Li-ion Battery with Repair Tools and 1 Screen Protector

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YONTEX iPhone 6s battery is specifically designed to give a larger circulation area. This is done by the use of a double-ion layer than the single one. Due to this enhanced technology, you get an ultra-fast speed lithium-ion battery.

YONTEX high capacity lithium-ion replacement battery is made from an original piece of IC chips and delivers you 46% more capacity than the original. Or in other words, you may use it 46% more time than usual.

Plus, you get the increased time of service of your iPhone and gives you 31% more power. Enjoy its circuit protection design and forget about over-charging/discharging, short-circuit, and over-current.

Be happy with the news that there is no need to adjust brightness or turn off WiFi, location, and Bluetooth to save power.

With a warranty time of 24-months, what you get additional are; one screen protector and the repair tools.

Please note that this replacement iPhone battery is only for 6s (A1633, A1688, A1700 models). It is not designed for iPhone 6, iPhone 7, or iPhone 8.

Chifeng Battery

IBESTWIN Battery for iPhone 6, 2600mAh High Capacity for IP 6(A1586, A1589 and A1549) with Completed Repair Tool Kits Adhesive and Instruction 0 Cycle

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The other battery in the list of iPhone replacement battery is the product of Chifeng.

This Chifeng product is made of Li-polymer matter (A-plus grade) that is not only safer but also lightweight and an excellent powerhouse of energy.

Like other batteries discussed above, this Chifeng battery gives more power than the original battery. Not only this but also it meets the standards of FCC, UL, CE, RoHS.

Moreover, this battery is only for iPhone 6s (A1633, A1688, and A1700). Don’t use it for iPhone 6 or other models. With 12 months warranty time, Chifeng gives you all the additional tools needed to replace the battery.

Its super high capacity makes it enjoy more by playing games, taking photos, listings songs, or work for more time without any tension. Plus its IC intelligent chip profile doesn’t give you complaints about over-charging/discharging, over-current, or over-heat.

LIKEGOR iPhone 6s Replacement Battery

LIKEGOR Battery for iPhone 7-Replacement Model A1660, A1778, A1779 with Complete Repair Kits and Instruction (IP7 Only)

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These Li-ion polymer battery cells are made of premium quality. Enjoy 800 charging cycles with this A+ battery.

Gives an extra 785 mAh than the original making a total capacity of 2500 mAh. In simple words, you can enjoy 45% extra capacity than the original.

This premium battery gives protection from overheating/charging/discharging, and short circuit.

One more good thing about this replacement battery is that it provides a balanced exchange of current by the technology of Multi-path balanced splitting. Actually, 4 ways division shunting made the balanced exchange of current very stable.

Giving you 12 months warranty, this battery is certified from UL, ROHS, FCC, and CE.

Note: use this battery only for iPhone 6s.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common type of questions asked by multiple users.

What are the best replacement batteries for iPhone 6s?

Best iPhone 6s battery replacements are;

  • SHENMZ battery
  • YONTEX replacement battery for iPhone 6s

How can I replace/change the iPhone 6s battery?

To replace the battery iPhone 6s you must watch some helpful videos on YouTube and follow the precautions at the back of the battery. Because it’s not a very difficult task so you may do it yourself.

iPhone 6s battery is draining fast. How to fix it?

To fix this iPhone 6s battery problem, kindly keep in check the iPhone iOS update.  Sometimes, iOS updating might let the battery drain so quickly.

Final verdict

Neither battery replacement on iPhone 6s is difficult, nor its the choice to pick the best one. We recommend you pick the 6s replacement battery specifically designed for it.

Above is the list of batteries in 2021 that you may buy, but remember one thing. Before making a final selection, you must check the features most suitable for your iPhone 6s. This will obviously save you from irritation from being disturbed by your iPhone 6s.

In the end, we are excited to know about your choice, which iPhone 6s battery have you chosen? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments. We always regard your views.


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